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Corporate Philosophy

At Protocol and Etiquette Services we are a real part of helping individuals and groups achieve a superior level of professional excellence. We believe that an occupation of supporting every sector of the public is an honorable occupation. Superior service is our goal. We always take the time to listen and respond in a positive manner on every request for information and assistance. We Never leave a Stone Un-turned…Protocol and Etiquette Services always goes the extra mile by developing programs for clients to actively achieve and exceed their goals.

Ensuring innovation through advancement and expansion


Individual and group programs are always available on location, Skype, or Webinar format. YouTube can be created on an “as needed” basis since each client’s needs are diverse.

Building the Future


Each program is designed specifically for an individual or group guaranteeing success! Individualized certification process for programs is offered for those who qualify

Starting with the basics then advancing globally


In 1998, Protocol and Etiquette Services opened its doors in Hampton Roads Virginia region of the United States. Since then, we have reached out presenting programs throughout the United States, Canada and the Global community. Developing environments and citizens through a civility approach.

Markets Globally


Domestic – All locations throughout the United States and Canada
Highest concentration of clients along the East Coast United States
Global Clients areas include: Europe, Jordan, Qatar, Ethiopia, Kuwait, and Nigeria.

Redefining Civility Globally Since 1998


Member of NAPW - National Association of Professional Women 2015