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Specialized Programs

Public Speaking

Butterflies in your stomach?
Our program will guide you through the mechanics of public speaking. Building know how and confidence for any presentation or size audience.


Business Writing for Success

The Global Business Arena is fast!!
Communication accuracy is key whether spoken or written. This program is designed to teach participants to craft documents with swift accuracy including writing for the global audience addressing localization techniques.
Discussion and training on Plain Language Writing


Conflict Resolution


Conflict arises in every business situation at some time.
Learn skills and techniques on handling conflict calmly and confidently.

Be a Leader!

Balancing Civility: Owner verses Employee

Have you watched reality TV on business?
This program is designed to develop positive communication practices between business owner and employees increasing productivity while creating balance.


Business Coaching

Have you ever had the dream of opening a business but didn't know where to begin?

Let Protocol and Etiquette Services take you step by step from the idea seed through earning your first dollar.